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We offer the most styles and materials in universal and custom seat covers for bucket seats, 40/20/40 and bench seats in the Portland Metro Area. Sof leather seat covers, camo seat covers, Neoprene seat covers, velour, tweed and sheepskin are materials available. Call our expert sales staff at (503) 288-5700 for custom or universal seat covers.
Seat Saver Seat Covers ultra sof seat cover
Protect your leather and fabric seats. SeatSavers are custom patterned seat covers for pickups and SUVs. No more worrying about your factory seats, they are patterned to specifically fit and protect from sun, dirt and spills. Made from heavy-duty polycotton drill weave.
Perforated Sof Touch Seat Covers ultra sof seat cover
The same ultra soft real leather look and feel as Sof-Touch, but perforated for an exceptionally luxurious look. (Available as an insert only)
Sof Touch Seat Covers ultra sof seat cover
An ultra soft real leather feel and look! Includes a visible grain similar to genuine leather. High wear, mildew, and UV resistant custom seat covers.
Carbon Fiber Seat Covers carbon seat cover
!New!!! Carbon Fiber is a vinyl product with a look and pattern widely known and recognized as Carbon Fiber, a composite known for it's light weight and strength. It has a multi-dimensional texture with sophisticated, metallic color that draw from both classic and modern influences.
Outdoor Camo Seat Covers camo seat cover
These high definition, multi-terrain patterns are the most popular names in the camo industry-RealTreeĀ® and Mossy OakĀ®. Durable and water-resistant custom seat covers, these seat covers are made out of the same high quality material as our Dura-EZ Care seat covers, but with the Camo Prints on them.
Tactical Camo Seat Covers tactical seat cover
These ultra high performance Tactical Camo patterns are favored by the military and other enthusiasts who want the very latest in camouflage designs. Durable and water resistant, these custom seat covers are made from the same high quality material as our Dura-EZ Care seat covers, but with the Tactical Camo prints on them.
Dura EZ Care Seat Covers dura seat cover
One of our more popular materials. These seat covers are made of a textured polyester/nylon that is water repellant. They are easy to clean. Just use a damp rag. These highly durable seat covers are perfect for work, pets, and kids!
Velour Seat Covers velour seat cover
Made from plush, premium quality velour fabric, these custom seat covers guarantee years of wear and comfort. Available in a wide variety of colors these seat covers are a great choice if you want to combine durability with style.
Neo Supreme Seat Covers neo supreme seat covers
Neo-Supreme has the look of Neoprene without the downs of neoprene; high UV colorfast, will not fade as fast as neoprene, and does not have the strong odor of rubber. These seat covers are great for Jeeps and other off road vehicles, especially if you can take off the top to your vehicle.
Tweed Seat Covers tweed seat cover
The tweed fabric features a subdued interesting color effect obtained by twisting together differently colored strands of material. It makes a rugged, durable seat cover with an open, flexible texture.
Saddle Blanket Seat Covers saddle blanket seat cover
A longtime favorite. Made from woven carpet fibers, these rugged custom seat covers are very durable, protecting your seats from wear and tear for years to come.
Genuine Sheepskin Seat Covers sheepskin seat covers
Genuine Australian Merino Sheepskin universal sideless seat covers made using high quality pelts. Well insulated, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, these seat covers are great for making the inside of your vehicle luxurious and comfortable.