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Ladder Lumber Racks

When it comes to Ladder racks or lumber racks for trucks, vans and truck canopies, we have several different options for our customers. Commercial vans with high roofs and low roofs and commercial trucks with and with out truck caps. We proudly supply Holman/Kargo Master, Ranger Design, Weatherguard, TracRac and much more. Experienced installers mount your equipment like it was their own.
Ladder Lumber Racks
Holman/Kargo Master Pro Rack with Canopy
The Holman/Kargo Master Pro Truck Rack features 5″ swaged joints and gusseted cross bars for increased durability and strength. Full 17″ long pre-drilled foot plates ensure the cargo rack is securely fastened to your truck bed. Convenient T-Bolts are included to minimize the need to drill your truck bed. Rear Takeout Bar is designed to be removed without any tool to allow clearance for storing large objects or cargo onto the truck bed. Rigid side channel rails are designed with a handy grab that loops at the back of the truck. With a Holman/Kargo Master Pro Rack and its line of time-saving commercial accessories, the perfect compliment to a camper shell that does not roll over the edge of the rail.
pro rack with canopy
Holman/Kargo Master Pro Rack With Out Canopy
The Holman/Kargo Master Pro Truck Ladder Rack is one of the toughest heavy-duty ladder racks in the market. The Holman/Kargo Master Pro Truck Lumber Rack is built with 2″ diameter round steel tubing that has a 1,700 lb. loading capacity. The sleek round tube design significantly reduces wind drag and noise and creates an uniform load distribution that results in a sturdier rack. All Holman/Kargo Master truck racks are treated with zinc primer and marine grade powder coat to achieve excellent corrosion and UV resistance. The professionals favorite ladder and lumber rack.
pro rack
Prime Design AluRack for Canopy
The AluRack features the industry’s original rolling bar, which makes it safe and easy to load bulky sheets of plywood, drywall, pipe and even weekend toys from the back of the truck. The lightweight, yet rugged design can carry all of your cargo and withstand challenging weather conditions. Plus, the aerodynamic design looks modern, reduces fuel consumption and ensures quiet travel.
alurack ladder rack
Rack-it ladder Rack
Our 2000 Series Forklift Loadable Racks are engineered for the workday, designed with a dropped side bar design, allowing for easy forklift loading on the left or right. Our Fully Welded one-piece design delivers maximum strength while reducing install time and delivering one of the quietest rides on the market. Offering unmatched strength and stability, our Forklift Loadable Rack provides a versatile and efficient solution for any hand and machine loaded materials you need to haul.
Rack-it ladder rack
Ranger Design Max Rack Van Rack 2.0
High roofed cargo vans have proven to be very popular among tradesmen. However, it can be a real challenge to load a ladder on a standard rack safely without doing damage or getting injured. With this in mind, Ranger Design used what they heard from tradesmen in the field to design this innovative ladder rack system. Ranger Design’s new gas shock assisted drop down mechanism is the safest choice in ladder racks for vans. Unique with its REVOLUTIONARY SINGLE MOTION OPERATION, it is proving to be the faster, safer, tougher drop down ladder rack for vans.
max rack van ladder rack
Thule CapRac For Canopy
Mounts in minutes to truck canopy/cap/shell. This rack is high strength - load capacity dependent on load capacity of cap or shell. This system includes: 2 dual powder coated aluminum racks,(lightweight 26 lbs) 4 sliding aluminum HD load stop / tie downs with quick release clamping knob and mounting hardware. Tie downs easily adjust with knob style tighteners.
caprac ladder rack