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Are you looking for truck bed storage? When you need an aluminum toolbox, plastic toolbox or a steel toolbox, brite, black, textured or white for your truck bed. Look no further for custom or standard toolboxes, chests and tanks. We offer truck toolboxesmanufactured by Wickem Weld, DeeZee, AWS, Weatherguard or Highway Products to store your tools or other valuables, call the experts at (503) 288-5700.
DeeZee Combo Auxillary Tank Chest Toolboxes Deezee combo auxillary tank combo chest
Regular stops to refuel can take their tole on your workday or extend your drive time on road trips with your 5th wheel trailer. Dee Zee Combo Auxiliary Transfer Tanks are tested and certified to hold diesel fuel for refueling equipment at the job site or for transferring directly to your truck’s fuel tank during longer commutes and storing tools of your trade.
DeeZee Red Label Gull Wing Toolboxes Deezee red label gull wing
If you need full walk up access to your tools from either side of the truck bed- double lid, or Gull Wing Tool Boxes are the perfect option. Dee Zee Red Label Double Lid (Gull Wing) Crossover Boxes are made from Non-Rusting .056 Brite-Tread Aluminum with internal bends for superior rigidity throughout. Lockable Stainless Steel Paddle Handle or Pull Handle Latches provide excellent security. Closed Cell Foam Gasket Helps Resist The Elements From Getting Inside The Box.
DeeZee Red Label Chest Toolboxes Deezee red label chest
Our Red Label Fifth Wheel Utility Box offers plenty of storage for tools and other supplies you may need to haul along with your trailer. We like to make tough things here at DeeZee, that’s why the Red Label Utility Chest is forged out of .056 Brite-Tread aluminum using a crown style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener for superior rigidity. We also like to make life as easy as possible for those folks out there putting in a hard day’s work, so we use dampened gas shocks for silky smooth opening and closing of the lid. All of this doesn’t mean a thing if the stuff in your box isn’t safe from theft or damage. Lockable paddle handles keep people out of your toolbox, and a closed cell foam gasket keeps the contents of your box dry, cozy, and protected from the elements. Available in several sizes and finishes.
DeeZee Red Label Single Lid Black Toolboxes DeeZee red label single lid black series
The bigger the project the more tools you need to bring along for the job. You need a capable tool box to keep your tools secure and protected for the ride. The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover Tool Box with its heavy duty Diamond-Tread aluminum construction is the right tool box for the task. It is available in non-rusting .056 gloss, texture black or brite finish.
DeeZee Red Label Single Lid Brite Toolboxes Deezee red label single lid brite
Built tough to endure a lifetime of abuse. When you work like we do, it goes without saying you’re going to have to get your tools out of the box quite a bit. You want an easy operating and lasting lid construction that will stand up to years of continued use. The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover Tool Box features a Crown style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener for superior rigidity. No wobbly lids here folks. You also get Lockable stainless steel paddle or pull handles, dampened gas shocks, and self-adjusting strikers to ensure opening and closing the box remains smooth and effortless.
DeeZee Transfer Tank Chest Toolboxes Deezee transfer tank combo chest
When working on the farm or out in the wilderness sometimes you need to transport water or other non-flammable fluids in combination with the tools for the job at hand. Dee Zee Combo tanks combine the convenience of a utility chest with a liquid transfer tank- giving you the ability to securely travel with tools and fluids.
Highway Products 5th Wheel Toolboxes Hightway Products 5th Wheel Tool Box
Highway Products invented the 5th Wheel Truck Tool Box because customers wanted a box that they could place against the truck cab and still be able to open it. The back of the box is notched so the back of the lid has a place to go as you open it. This space-saving, flush-mount truck tool box secures to the bed of your truck and sits flush with the side rails. The low-profile design increases visibility and allows your 5th wheel to swing freely, without hitting the lid during sharp turns. Constructed from .100 military-grade aluminum, this corrosion-free box keeps your tools and gear secure and dry. The 5th Wheel Truck Tool Box is available brite and black finishes to fit all pickup trucks and comes with our lifetime warranty.
Highway Products Crossover Toolboxes Highway Products Crossover Toolbox
Our Single-Lid saddle-style tool box suspends from pickup truck side rails, allowing clearance between the box and the truck bed. Constructed from 1/8-inch military-grade aluminum, these corrosion-free boxes provide superior security and a water-tight seal. The best feature of the Single-Lid is the giant opening, which makes it easy to organize and access your tools when open. Single-Lid Truck Tool Boxes are available in sizes to fit all pickup trucks, in brite, black and smooth and come standard with our lifetime warranty. Oh, and it's equipped with an under-the-lid bottle opener, because sometimes life is just tough.
UWS Pull Handle Crossover Toolboxes UWS Crossover Toolbox
UWS truck tool boxes are assembled right here in the USA and are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Each crossover truck tool box features our patented RigidCore™ lid, extra-thick aluminum construction and convenient operation from either side of the vehicle.
UWS Side Mount Toolboxes UWS side mount toolbox
A side mount tool box from UWS allows you to maximize storage space on your truck. We offer truck side tool boxes, topside tool boxes and underbody tool boxes. All of these truck tool boxes feature extra-thick aluminum construction and are assembled right here in the USA.
Wickum WeldSingle Lid Toolboxes Wickum weld single lid toolbox
Innovative patent pending hinge design allows for full size lid and zero clearance by pivoting under body flange. This also makes the lid removable! Push button locks on both sides of the box. The lid is supported by gas-shocks. Interchangeable lids available in smooth polished, smooth satin or diamond plate Automotive-style, dual-stage rotary latch technology combined with push button actuator. First 'click' vents. second 'click' seals. Mounting kit included.
Weatherguard Single Lid Toolboxes Weatherguard single lid toolbox
Saddle Boxes are the most popular truck storage solution due to ease of installation, maximum bed clearance, and professional protection. The Model 300104-53-01 is an aluminum diamond plate truck tool box for compact trucks and has a storage capacity of 9.1 cu ft. The Gloss Black ARMOR TUF® Powder Coat finish ensures years of dependability. Tamper-resistant push button locks on truck saddle box are drill-resistant through the keyhole WEATHER GUARD® DEFENDER SERIES™ truck tool boxes come with a seven year warranty.